Playing Catch-up…

Lbug Pose 2

Yep that is me last night the same in SL as I was in RL.  My tree half decorated, house in disarray and me running around trying to get it all done without waking the kids.  Between work and family and some unexpected emergencies I am digging my way and stressing the entire time.  Is it bad to say I really can’t wait for 2018?

Lbug Pose 1

The Point is still going on until the 30th and Lil’Bug has this adorable pose set complete with the box prop available.  If you have not checked out The Point yet make it a point to stop over before it closes.

Back to decorating and wrapping for me!!  Have a Merry Christmas…

Lbug Pose 3

Track Suit –  Jeannie Track Suit – [AF] @ The Point

Earrings – Tannenbaum :: Collection – Cae :: @ Shop & Hop on MP and inWorld

Hair –  Paradox (Blondes) – Stealthic

Nails –  Snowy Winter – alme

Poses and Props – Going to Decorate – Lil’Bug @ The Point

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