Lately I just haven’t been feeling very inspired and it shows in my lack of blogging and photos recently.  But the other day  heard this song by Camila Cabello and the lyrics just got me they fit me and everything I was going through.  You see sometimes love just isn’t enough it takes more than that, but I do not want to do a gloomy and moody post so enough on that subject.

New music in my head I headed back to the studio and played alone just me and the music and this is the finished product.  On a side note there is a light at the end of my tunnel and it has me inspired, smiling and totally content.

On a fashionable  note, since this blog is about fashion!!!  I picked up the new Icon lingerie from Blueberry and  I love it!    Hope you like it too!!!!

Music in my head:  Consequences by Camila Cabello

Lingerie: Icon – Blueberry

Shoe: Gigi – Gos Boutique

Hair: Rebeca – Doux

Rings – Formanails

Nails -Black Metal French – alme

Photobooth – A Fool’s Paradise – Foxcity

Pose – Against the Wall – Xan Pose on Marketplace

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