So I really thought life would calm down and I would have more time for the things I love once finals were over.  But that has not been the case.  Not that what has been keeping me away has been bad…just distracting.  I am almost done with my degree and was offered a position at the place I did my internship.  So it has been back to the office and I am trying to get used to that lifestyle.  I keep saying my yoga pants really miss me, but in honesty I love what I am doing so it’s all good!  So I have tons shot that I need to edit and blog and hopefully I will be back on track.  So I will leave you with some tunes and some fashion.  DAPPA made this sexy tattoo Umi and if you haven’t seen the new set out at Blueberry get a taxi and check it out.


Tattoo – Umi – DAPPA

Tank & Panties – Rie – Blueberry

Hair – Chizuru – *ARGRACE*

Backdrop – Slum Riverside(Limited) – Paparazzi @ Limit8

Pose – Full Metal Panic 37 – Bauhaus Movement




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