Tea Time Anyone

tea time 2

Well tea is the farthest thing from what I indulged in today.  Being a holiday in the US I was a little naughty and started enjoying my day off a bit early.  But it was 5 PM somewhere.  Regardless I felt I needed to be productive at some point so I decided to finally finish editing these shots and share them with you!  I hope you like…

I was wandering around Corruption a few weeks ago and came across this Alice in Wonderland set up and just had to shoot here.  If you have not visited Corruption you really need to join the group and visit.  The sim is filled full of hidden treasures for shooting photos or just cuddling with someone special.  And if you wear your group tag you can rezz which makes shooting so much easier.


Bodysuit – Linda – Tori Torricelli
Fur – Hollyweird – Fur Robe – Moon Elixir
Shoes – Deya – CandyDoll
Hair – Gypsy Love – Besom
Choker – ARYA – CODEX
Rings – Minimalist Rings – (Yummy)
Wine Bottle – Bottoms up – :::ChicChica:::

Shot on location @ Corruption

tea time 1

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