Staying true


Most of you know that I do not typically blog about serious “open your eyes” topics on here, I get enough of that in my real life.  So, I keep it light and fashion-based tossing in a few lines here and there about events, clubs and love.  But lately I am seeing so many people losing themselves in hate and judgey behaviors that I felt compelled to write.  SL has always been full of gossip and drama, but it is also a place we can all go to get away from all the stress of our RL and to be whoever we want to be for the time we are logged into the grid.  However lately with all the social media outlets we use to market our blogs and pictures and to socialize through outside the grid it seems the gossip and hate are taking over more and more.  Daily I am seeing people losing themselves in jealousy and hate.  I am not immune to those feelings and the other day I caught myself losing sight of who I am.

beauty full length 1See, I was down because a couple of brands I really love had blogger calls and I was not chosen for the team.  I got the dreaded “Application for XYZ brand REJECTED” and my heart sank as I rushed to to see if there was any constructive notes on why I wasn’t picked but there was nothing and then I saw a call out for another brand I really like and I wear a lot but when I looked at their Flickr I noticed the shots were similar to the bloggers who were picked for the brands that rejected me.  So, for the next 24 hours I restyled my avi with a new head, skin the works in hopes to look more like the bloggers who were getting chosen.  I set up the shot which took longer than usual, and no matter what I did something just felt off, but I kept trying and once I finally got a shot I edited it, blogged it and posted it on my Flickr, like I always do.  Well the responses to the shot told a story of a girl who made a pretty picture but lost herself doing it.  I asked the two main men in my world what they thought and got the generic “It is a cute shot and the editing is good”, but it wasn’t great.  I had felt something was off from the beginning and then my friend said to me, “You asked me last night if the photo was missing something and I told you it was good, but now you see what was missing is you!”   You know what he was right, I let the green-eyed monster take over and I compromised who I was to fit in and in the end, I still didn’t get that brand either.

Beauty Le

Fitting in is hard in any world you live in and when you lose yourself and judge others success as your shortcomings it makes it even harder.

We all came to SL for our own reasons and we all stay because something here fills a need we have.  But if you go through SL judging people by how updated their avi is you might miss out meeting someone special.

Moral of the story stay true to you, because if you believe in yourself you can move mountains!


What I am Wearing

Dress – Maria – Aleutia @ TLC

Shoes – Heidi – Gos Boutique @ Fameshed

Hair -Sundae – Navy+Copper @ C88

Eye Liner – Rosemary Fine Eyeliner – [LeLuck]

Lip Gloss – Brynlee – Shiny Lipgloss – [LeLuck]

Skin – Willow – Glam Affair

Nails – Addams Collection – alme


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