A Rare Evening

A Rare Night Crop 2

“I like to be a free spirit. Some don’t like that, but that’s the way I am.”

~ Princess Diana~

It seems lately any night out on the town in SL is a “rare” night and while I used to spent hours getting dressed up to go out on the grid, now I spend hours shopping and styling to take photos.  Or lately decorate our home.  I don’t really miss it that much and we do go to an event or two at Elysion from time to time but our time is not as abundant lately so we fill it with time together.  But don’t let that fool you I am still just as much of a free spirit as I always have been and always will be!  And if someone ever tries to control me they will find out quickly it just doesn’t happen.  You cannot cage a free spirit we will just fly away!

A Rare Night Close up

What I’m Wearing
Bodysuit and Skirt – Seduction Gacha RARE White – Scandalize @ The Arcade ♥Thank you♥
Heels and Mask – Seduction Gacha – Scandalize @ The Arcade  ♥Thank you♥
Hair – Fondue – Navy+Copper  ♥Thank you♥
Lips and Eye Shadow – Sparkle – LeLuck  ♥Thank you♥
Lashes – Jewel Eyelashes – P O E M A  ♥Thank you♥
Tattoo – Ivory – Dappa @ AnyBody  ♥Thank you♥
Nails – Pearlessence – alme




Photo Booth, Props and Poses
Cheetah – Seduction Gacha RARE Scandalize @ The Arcade ♥Thank you♥
Photo Booth – ClubBLACK – FoxCity
Pose – Posh 6 – FoxCity


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