Cheers to the Weekend


Cheers to the Weekend

It’s late and I should be sound asleep by now but my mind just won’t stop!  This is the week that will never end but “Better Days are Coming They are Called: Saturday and Sunday!”  So the way I see it I just need to hang in for a few more hours and I can sit back and relax, shop and hang out with family and friends.

Cheers to the Weekendclose

Lots of great shopping all around the grid this past week and I felt like playing with a little mix and match styling today.  Honestly it is something I really miss about the old days of SL fashion.  Pre-mesh we rarely wore two pieces from the same designer it was all about being unique, but we also had the ability to manipulate prims and those days are gone.

So if you have not hit the grid shopping C88, Access, and so many more opened this week, head on over to Seraphim and start shopping!  Oh and have a great weekend!


Cheers to the Weekend2What I am Wearing
Corset – Diane – Murray
Shorts – Peria – Pseudo @ Access
Fur – SEC02 shoulder fur – FAKEICON
Pumps – Victoria – Pure Poison ~ Thank you~
Choker – Doll Choker – CandyDoll – Group Gift ~ Thank you~
Bangles – Gypsy Bangles – DRD
Rings – True Rebel Set – (Yummy)
Glasses – Sady – Dahila
Hair – Abbie – Tableau Vivant ~ Thank you~
Eye Shadow and Lipstick(Closeup) – Sparkle – [LeLuck] @ AnyBody~ Thank you~
Eye Shadow(Full Length)- Sparkle –[LeLuck] @ AnyBody~ Thank you~
Liquid lipsticks(Full Lengths) NightShade – [LeLuck]
Lashes – Jewel Lashes – P O E M A ~ Thank you~


Poses and Booth
FoxCity Indulge (Close up and one Full Length)
Tibet – Female Pose # 63(Full Length) ~ Thank you~
Photo Booth – Level Up – FOXCITY.


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