Patience is Power

Patience is Power

“Patience is power.

Patience is not an absence of action;

rather it is “timing”

it waits on the right time to act,

for the right principles

and in the right way.”

Fulton J. Sheen

After being inworld for almost 10 years you learn patience or you drive yourself crazy trying to get people to think and do as you wish, one thing that is never easy when you have to rely on texting and sometimes voice to communicate.  Recently I had to grab my patience by the throat and hold on tight, a dear friend I have know for sooo long tested our friendship  It has been 2 weeks now and not a word between us, I have considered writing a letter or IMing and telling them how I feel.  But my patience is sitting on my lap telling me to sit back and see where it plays out…

Enough ranting, time to shop…  Tres Chic is in full swing and Scandalize has another sexy number for you this month, Shayla is the perfect combination of sexy and sweet in a mired of colors to keep you busy mixing and matching (get the fatpack, it is worth it!!)

New hair alert and no this is not another plug for Hair Fair, that will come tomorrow.  But in all seriousness, uber opened and Lamb has the yummiest new hair you simply must grab it!!!

What I am Wearing
Dress – Shayla-Scandalize @ Tres Chic
Hair – Fox- Lamb @ uber
Rings – DANIKA – amias
Nails – Love Ombre Gloss – alme
Eyeshadow and lips Sparkle – [LeLuck]

Photo Booth and Pose
Photo Booth – Ros Bathroom – FoxCity
Pose – Selfie Vol 2 – FoxCity

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