Little Demon

Little Deamon

We all have our demons. When we finally learn to let them go,

we get to live and be free.

~Jodie Sweetin~


We all have our demons and it’s our choice to let them consume us or teach us to grow.  So let go of the past and the pain, the insecurities and all the nasty little thoughts in your head and live everyday to its fullest.  And while you are doing all this living go shopping because it’s fun and for me at least a total stress buster!


Scandalize and Amias have some great new Halloween designs at SALEM and over at Vanity event make sure to grab The Bearded Guy‘s new backdrops for all your scary photos.  Don’t forget to smack the gacha for Black Bantam’s Vampire Kitty while you are there cause you simply cannot be mad looking at this cutie!

Have a great weekend!!!

What I am Wearing

Dress, Horns, Tail and Wings – .SUCCUBUS. – Scandalize GACHA @ SALEM

Hair – Adore – Foxy – Coming soon to K9

Bracelets, Choker and Nails – XAVIA – amias Gacha @ SALEM

Little Friend – Vampier Kitty – Black Bantam Gacha @ Vanity

Photo Booth and Pose

Photo Booth – Scary Night *RARE*  Are You Scared? Backdrops – The Bearded Guy @ Vanity

Pose – Made Up 1 – FoxCity


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