Checking my list

I am having a really hard time believing it is December let alone 14 days before Christmas.  My kids have been reminding me daily of how many days are left before the present arrive.  Yet for some reason I cannot get myself in the Christmas spirit.  I finally opened up Amazon last night and ordered most of the presents.  I know that is not as festive as fighting for a parking spot, pushing through the crowds to fight for the last Vanilla Bean Noel Candle at Bath and Body Works or sifting through displays of clothes looking for the right size.  

As the packages get delivered to my Mom’s house so the kids do not see them I will have to hear how I am the reason retail stores are closing and that someday I will be forced to shop online.  I just laugh because you don’t have to force me I will gladly click away online till my cart is full.

Maybe that is why I love shopping in SL, because while I have to fought to get into the events sometimes all I have to do is click and I have what I came for and from the looks of my inventory lately I have been shopping way too much!  Tons of great things on the grid this month if you haven’t been to C88 yet get there and grab Aleutia’s new sweater and if your daring enough it can double as a sexy little dress and don’t forget to head to Epiphany to grab Gos’s new knitted boot a total holiday must have!

Happy Holidays!!

What I am Wearing
Sweater – Mary – [Aleutia] @ C88
Panties – Holly (Rare) – Candydoll (Gacha) @ Epiphany
Boots – Frenchie Knit BootI(Gacha) – [Gos] @ Epiphany
Hair – Claudia – Tableau Vivant       Earrings – Veruschka – LaGyo
Rings – Snow Angel RIng Set – Yummy @ C88
Nails – Casual Winter – alme
Eyeshadow, Lashes and Freckles -AllinOne Makeup Set Everleigh – [LeLuck] @ Commotion Event

Poses and Props
Table and Pose – Pose 80 @ Tibet poses

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