Merry Christmas

I am still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that 2018 is almost over! It really feels like it New Years was just a few months ago, but even though it seems to have flown by a lot has happened. Some good and some bad and some swept me off my feet, but mainly I have gone through a lot of change in both RL and SL and from each bit of change I have learned something new.

I started a new job in an office 9-5 and learned I HATE working in an office 9-5, the free spirit in me so prefers to work at home or even on the road but not in the office. What makes it worse is the job I have is collecting and analyzing data all day which I could so do at home and hope to soon. I also lost someone I really loved in SL, this person was so much apart of me I did not think I could handle being apart from him, but after almost a year of on again off again and fighting we decided it was best we both move on. Not because we hate each other but because we finally accepted it was time to move on and find someone who fit what we needed better. When I least expected it someone came along who didn’t expect anything from me he just wanted to make me smile and it wasn’t always easy we even split up for a month. Which while it was going on it hurt a lot I think it was for the best it taught both of us so much and pulled us even closer.

As this year comes to a close I already have my resolutions in sight and I will reveal those next week. Enjoy the rest of the year!

What I am Wearing
Bra, Panties and Hat – Samus (RED) – Bauhaus Movement @ Notice me Santapai
Boots and Socks- TANA – Reign
Hair – Anna – Gacha – Navy+Copper @ Epiphany
Choker- Holly Pom Pom Choker – Narcisse @ Tannenbaum
Rings – Holiday Rings – Cult
Tattoo – Royal – Dappa

Pose and Backdrop
GIFT The Lights of Christmas Backdrop – The Bearded Guy
FOXCITY Vacant – 4

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