Climb up the H of the Hollywood sign, yeah
In these stolen moments
The world is mine 
There’s nobody here, just us together 
Keepin’ me hot like July forever’Cause we’re the masters of our own fate
We’re the captains of our own souls
There’s no way for us to come away
‘Cause boy we’re gold, boy we’re gold
And I was likeTake off, take off
Take off all your clothes …
‘Cause we’re having too much fun
Too much fun tonight, yeah …
And a lust for life, and a lust for life
Keeps us alive, keeps us alive … ~Lana Del Rey – Lust For Life~


What I am Wearing
Lingerie – Drops – BouBouKi(BBK)
Hair – Wendy – Fabia
Collar – Lock Me Up – Cult


Pose – Blindfold Me – [..::CuCa Designs::..]

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