Sunshine on my Shoulders

You get ready, you get all dressed up
To go nowhere in particular
Back to work or the coffee shop
Doesn’t matter ’cause it’s enough
To be young and in love
To be young and in love
Love~Lana Del Ray


What I am Wearing
Tunic Top – Ana – Azuchi @ uber
Jeans – Ana – Azuchi @ uber
Shoes – Livi – Reign
Clutch – Nora(fabric) – C’est la vie
Hair – Kyaa – Tableau Vivant
Glasses – Jennifer – Dahlia
Bracelet – Turquoise Set – Yummy


Pose and Puppies
Pose – Kiki – Lyrium @ Dubai
Puppies – Barking and Sniffing – [Rezz Room] @ 6th Republic

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