Just a little nap…

Well 2019 is finally behind us and I for one could not be happier! What started out as a quite calm and enjoyable year in my life turned out to be one of the worst I have yet to experience. When the leaves were turn bright shades of crimson and gold, I lost my companion and best friend. I know some would say he was just a dog but to me he was a little person in a fur coat who cuddled next to me and made getting up everyday possible if only to let him out and fill his bowl. He was 18 and I should have been prepared but is anyone ever really prepared to say Goodbye?

Before my tears had dried my daredevil of a daughter decided to come crashing down face first off of a swing that she was swinging way to high on and landed herself in the ER with a concussion and some pretty nasty wounds and before she could get back together my immune system smacked me down. Yes I know when stress gets crazy my fabulous auto-immune disorders tend to knock me out but really I do not have time for that shit. And if all of this was not enough my son’s disability took a turn for the worse and things got really crazy at my house. Sadly it would mean he would need to go away for a while to get treatment and while things are calm at home finally months later my mind is still spinning and I feel like I am stuck in a cycle of perpetual catch-up in both RL and SL.

To my sponsors and events I am sorry for being a bit disconnected lately I really tried to keep my head above water and deliver my posts on time and in a creative manner. But I know I failed and for that I am truly sorry. I am a terribly shy person so it has been hard for me to explain to everyone what all I have been dealing with so I just flew up to my platform and hid and fell asleep online more nights than I can count.

But 2020 is here and I am looking forward determined to make this year better than the last, it certainly could not be any worse. So for those who believed in me and supported me this past year thank you so very much. It truly means more than you know. Enough words for me I am going back to the platform to get caught up.

Bodysuit / {le fil casse} – Carrie
Hair / Doux – Cordelia
Head / Lelutka – Aida
Skin -/ Mila – Aida
Body / Belleza – Freya
Ring / Cae – Betrothed

Pose and Mask / WetCat Sleeping Beauty 6

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