The glimmer was never meant for me…

Goals Lost, Dreams Broken, Lost I was in uncertainty.
Flooded by thoughts of the past I was, waiting for the end, nearing me.
Soon after as I waited, a glimmer of hope I saw.
Beautiful, enticing, and graceful it was, I stood staring at it in awe.
Zeal for my life it was, for which I yearn.
Underneath the glimmer awaited, a lesson to be learned.
Life was never as I surmised it to be.
For I realized as I started on my journey, the glimmer I saw, was never
meant for me…
~Shreenivasan Iyer

Top and Skirt – Mercy – [Aleutia]

Flowers – Japanese Anemone Wreath – LODE

Hair – Summer Day – Doux (Past Gacha)
Bracelets – Gypsy Bangles – DRD
Face Chain – MILICA face chain- amias
Foot Chains – Sprinkles – Cult
Belly Chain – Eden – RE_Real Evil

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