People that make you feel alone

“I used to think the worst thing in life
was to end up all alone.
It’s not.
The worst thing in life
is to end up with people
that make you feel all alone.”
~Robin Williams

Bodysuit, Bra and Socks – . BonBon Pink Smile – ED
Stuffed Animals – PeniCornio boy, PeniCornio girl, Bear Hug and Panda bear – (Gacha) – Mushilu
Notebook ~ Gamer Notebook Pink – buildworks decor

Lipstick – Romana Lipstick –Lepunk
Tattoo- :: I’m your canvas : Body blush – [Nya.Gore]
Pose- Cute Honey – [Nya.Gore]

Headphones – Nicole Mix&Match – RARE –[ vagrant ]
Slippers – bunny slippers . dust bunny
Piercings – Jazmina ~LF~
Cereal – Frosted Cereal Bowl – Blue – Pewpew!
Hair – Mayhem – Stealthic

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