Take a Risk

If you want it,
Go for IT.
Take a Risk.
Don’t Always
Play it Safe
You Will Die

Hallow Manor
Collar- Diavolo Collar Black – POISON ROUGE
EyeShadow – Potion – Voodoo

The Dark Style Fair
Lashes – Lash Parade – ~Shiny Stuffs~
Lipstick – Whammy Lipcream. (LeL Evl) HUD ‘PACK001’ – IVES.
Blood- Leaky Diva – Blood Lip – LILITHIUM
Cheek Wound – Wound 2 – Unnie

Main Store (Previous Fetish Fair Relese)
Catsuit, Tail, Mask and Gloves/Nails – Kitty – S&P
Hair – Felicia – Exile

Boots – RUKIA – UTOPIA@Design

Eyes – Kitty Eyes – AG.

Puppies – Imperial Doberman (Black and White) – [Rezz Room]

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