I try and speak myself

Save Me

This dark room, another cigarette
The carpet strewn, I’m getting sick of it
The end is near, I’m in the thick of it
And I’ll be there soon if you can handle it

Just save me from all that I am
You save me for the fuck of it
Save me, just hold out your hand
You save me from all of it
I try and speak myself, you can do it too
And need no one’s help, I’m needing only you
So just pray for me and deliver it
You never take from me what I’m given

Bustier – Ethel – POISON ROUGE
Bites and Wounds – Body Wounds V1 –LePunk
Tattoo – Reborn – .: Vegas :.

Piercings – Sammie – MICHAN
Nails – SZN NAILS – // L //
Leg Harness – Jevera – : CULT :

Main Store
Pose – Envy – [..::CuCa Designs::..]

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