Life, Love and Chocolate Cake…

“Life is a cake
and love is the icing on top of it.
Without ‘love’,
it becomes difficult to swallow ‘life’.”
—Mehek Bassi

Moles – Mole Gacha #1 and #10 – DAEBAK
Rings – bento ring – Sofyta – :ANDORE
Necklace – Love Necklace – NaaNaa’s

Babydoll – Amour Babydoll – Cynful
Hair – Peaches – Doux

Nails – Make it Hot – Ascendant
Puppy – Shih Tzu Adult Animesh – Rezz Room
Pose – Peckish- FOXCITY
PhotoBooth – Kitchenette – FOXCITY.
Food Props – Dark Berries / Stacked Cake, Bowls and Berries and Tarts – Disorderly (Gacha)

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