Square One

There is no such thing as
“Going back to square one.”
Even if you feel like you’re
Having to START OVER,
You are trying again with more
Knowledge, Strength & Poser
Than you had before.
Your journey was never over, it was just
waiting for you to find it again.

Whore Couture Porn Edition
Shirt – Torn Off Shirt – Kaithleen’s
Thong – Barely There Thong – Kaithleen’s
Tattoo – Lili – Mister Razzor
Nails – $lut Set – NAILPLUG
Lipstick – Pornstar Lipstick – Absinthe!

Pose Fair
Pose and Ladder Prop – [Memento] She reminisced – [pdb]

Main Store
Hair – G1113 hair – tram
Head – Fleur.2.5 – LeLUTKA

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