You can close your eyes…

You can close your eyes to
things you do not want to
see, but you can’t close
your heart to things you
don’t want to feel.

Fetish Fair
Outfit – Kamila – Amataria
Nails & Rings – Desire – RAWR!
Bruises – Lower Body Bruises +BOM+ –LEPUNK
Pose – Build a B*tch #13 – PHOTOSHOOT
Photo Booth – Fetish Alley *RARE* – The Bearded Guy

Main Store
Bruises/Tattoo – Dead Toy Body Tattoo +BOM+ – LEPUNK
Lipstick – Romana Lipstick +LEL Evolution+ – LEPUNK
Eye Shadow – Genisa Eye makeup +LEL Evolution+ – LEPUNK
Hair – Hera Hair – Foxy

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