Welcome to Nightshade 2022

Welcome to Nightshade 2022
October 20th – November 1st

I would like to take a moment to thank you for blogging Nightshade! You are a key component in making this event successful.

Designers have been notified that we are open to media from October 17th (9pm) – October 18th (9pm) where you will have unlimited access! Designers often run behind…. We ask that you please visit a couple times over the course of the preview. Please read below to find out more about sim access.

☆October 17th (9pm) – Media Preview
☆October 18th (9pm) – Extended Deadline
☆October 19th (9am) – Soft Opening
☆October 20th (9am) – Soft Opening Ends
☆October 20th (12:01 pm) – General Opening
☆November 1st (noon) – Event ends

Important things to remember:
1) The Juniper Events group is currently open
2) The Juniper Events group (and sponsor groups) will have 24-hour early access to the event
4) To join the Juniper Events, paste the following into your browser: secondlife:///app/group/8cac56c3-49a0-012c-2c35-7836985af398/about
5) Please do NOT publish any LMs until October 18th.
6) Items offered at the event are required to offer a discount of a minimum of 20% (up to the individual designer if they want to offer a higher discount).

This is general info for you, to help you as you promote the event!
JUNIPER EVENTS & BESPOKE are delighted to bring you NIGHTSHADE 2022

Thank you to our SPONSORS:

Dirty Rat

Event dates: October 20th – November 1st
Theme: Dark Fantasy

You can find a list of participating designers here:

Slurls to the booths are available here:

Shopping guide:

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