A Link to My Soul…

what i’m saying is
that you are
you have a key to
my mind.
a tether to my
a permanent link
to my soul.
~JM Storm

Tattoo – “Fear of the Water” Full Body Tattoo [FADED] 50% – [Melatonine]
Shadow — Antitheus Eyeshadow 5 – Nosferatum
Body Scratches – Scratched Up Combo –JELLY.
Face Wounds and ScarsRZ Worldwide
(RZ. Scar X Left, RZ. Nose Highlight, RZ. Veins Mouth 70%, RZ. Tape IDGAF Right, RZ. Veins Eye 70%, RZ. Nose Blush 1, RZ. Lips Highlight,
RZ. Freckles 70%, RZ. Eyebags 70%, RZ. Broken Lips 40%, and RZ. Blood Scar Left)

Bloody Nose – Sacrificed Nose – Knife Party
Hands and Collarbone Scar[Melatonine]
Nails – Cleo Nails – Peekaboo
Shorts & Top – Monifa – V.F.
Brows – Peach brows – WarPaint*
Skin – Viola – [the Skinnery]
Hair – Giggle – Doux

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