He looked her in the eye
grabbing her by the hair
with his other hand on
her throat
pulling her towards him
so roughly so sweetly
so intently…
his mouth crushing down
hard on hers
she was overcome by
his dominance, his lust,
his desire.
Every inch, every line,
every curve he took…
It was all love and fire.
It was all in his eyes.
It was all in his kiss.
She was his.

Tattoo – Zivia – Vegas Tattoo
Bra – Luxury Bra – NANAO
Stockings & Panties – Yolotzin – Ghoul
Earrings – REIRA – CODEX
Pose – Lessons – Secret Poses
Bruises – Cuts n Bruises, eye, brow, upper and lower – eerie

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