Never give up on a dream

“Never give up on a dreamjust because of the timeit will take to accomplish it.The time will pass anyway. “~Earl Nightingale…Kinky EventLingerie – Nymph – Big Beautiful Doll…MainstoreHeels – Sophie – EQUALHair – Aluna – DOUXPose and Storage Bench – Storage Bench Set – Diversion

52 names…

“The Eskimos had 52 names for snowbecause it was important to them:there ought to be as many for love.”— Margaret Atwood…Winter SpiritLipstick – Lip Bliss – –Lepunk-Antlers – Starry Guardian Antlers – Silver – [s a l t e a]Tattoo – Frosty shine+tattoo – THIS IS WRONG…uberOwl – Snowy Owl Small Animesh – [Rezz Room]…MainstoreEyeshadow…

Make Me Purr…

I don’t want youTo make me roarBut I need you toTo make me purrOnly thenI’ll sit stillAnd obey…~Jess Winter Spirit Lingerie – Meli – WINGEDArm Warmers – Brady – {le fil casse}Eye Shadow – Delphine – poema…CosmopolitanPose – After Glow – LW…Main StoreHair – Kiara – DouxNecklace and Earrings – Tessa Set – KUNGLERS

Retail Therapy

I like my moneyright where I can see itHanging in my Closet~Carrie Bradshaw…Skirt and Top and Arm Warmers – Nini’s Set – Cynful @ Equal 10Wedges – Janet – EQUAL – (December Fameshed Release)Necklace and Earrings – Ives Set – [ rD ] – (December Fameshed Release)Hair – Alaska – Doux

Rule Number One

Rule Number One:Always stick around for one more drink.That’s when things happen.That’s when you find out everything you wantto know.~John Berendt…Pose FairPose – April – Creative Stylz…Kinky EventChoker and Earrings – Dea – Dazed…AnthemSkirt and Top – Kim Set – [ CONSENT ]…CosmopolitanChampagne Bottle – Holiday Champagne – ChicChica…Equal10Hair -Amaya – Doux