Never give up on a dream

“Never give up on a dreamjust because of the timeit will take to accomplish it.The time will pass anyway. “~Earl Nightingale…Kinky EventLingerie – Nymph – Big Beautiful Doll…MainstoreHeels – Sophie – EQUALHair – Aluna – DOUXPose and Storage Bench – Storage Bench Set – Diversion

Love is a Battlefield

knight in shinningarmor. His armor isshiny because he hasnever been to war.instead, look for theknight with the tornand tattered armor. HeIs the one who knowshow to fight and issure to be the onewho can keep you safefrom harm ♥…Black FairBodysuit, Armbands and Knife – Neith – EDHelmet – Effervescence – AZOURYWounds – Body Wounds V2…

Seduce me….

Seduce my mind and you can have my body.Find my soul and I’m yours forever……uberCatsuit and Gloves – Jordan – S&P…KinkyChoker – Fuck Chocker – Nov…Shiny ShabbyPose and Backdrop – Mirage – Diversion…Main StoreHeels – Alexis Pumps – EQUALEarrings – Plush Earrings White (S) – NovRings – Elise – KunglersHair – Ariana – Doux

Retail Therapy

I like my moneyright where I can see itHanging in my Closet~Carrie Bradshaw…Skirt and Top and Arm Warmers – Nini’s Set – Cynful @ Equal 10Wedges – Janet – EQUAL – (December Fameshed Release)Necklace and Earrings – Ives Set – [ rD ] – (December Fameshed Release)Hair – Alaska – Doux

One Last Call

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up.The most certain way to succeed is totry just one more time.~Thomas Edison~…Winter SpiritCoat – Vision Fur Glam – [AB]Stockings and Panty – Shady – [AB]Ring – Snow Globe Ring – MooLooNails – Christmas Presents Stiletto – Venge….Pose FairPose – Contact – Wet CatBackdrop – Text – Wet Cat…C88Hair…