He fucks my insecuritiesuntil they are red, ravaged, and rawMy mind silenced and sated,yet my bodybegging for more.He destroys my demonswith his darknessas he entices themout to play.He wrecks me,in the most beautifullyof brutal ways.~Sarah’s Collection of Scars~KINKY EVENTCorset – Suzy Corset – NANAOFace Wounds and Words – property – moonwaiiTattoo – Zivia – .:Vegas:.Lipstick…

Where You’re Meant To Be…

WhateverHappened OverThis Past Year,Be ThankfulFor Where ItBrought You.Where You AreIs Where You’reMeant To Be..~KINKY EVENTDress – Mariana Dress – AVEC TOICollar – Minerva’s collar – Kibitz~FETISH FAIRNails – Noelle Nails – RAWRRings – Noelle Nails – RAWR

Dear Santa…I was really good

Dear Santa,I was really goodat being really NaughtyDoes that Count?~KINKY EVENTLingerie – Sindy(Panties and Bra) – CandyDollChristmas Lights – TriggeredCookie – Kinky Cookies(Pack includes Mouth, Hand & Tray) – [Aleutia]~FETISH FAIRCuffed Socks – Rough Love – CryBunBunNails – “Let it Snow” – VengePose – Woman Bento Pose – Photoshoot

Every good girl

Every good girl comes witha bad girl side. It justtakes a man to awaken thebeast.⊰♥⊱KinkyLingerie – Sherri Set – {le fil casse}Heels – Poppy – CultNails – Darling – //L//(Lueur Beauty)Collar – Mirella’s collar – KibitzEarrings – Emma – VOBE

I try and speak myself

Save Me This dark room, another cigaretteThe carpet strewn, I’m getting sick of itThe end is near, I’m in the thick of itAnd I’ll be there soon if you can handle it…Just save me from all that I amYou save me for the fuck of itSave me, just hold out your handYou save me from…

Angels and Demons

~We are all searching for someonewhose demonsplay well with ours~…The Dark Style FairPose – Fallen – [..::CuCa Designs::..]Photo Booth – The Cult – [..::CuCa Designs::..] Hallow ManorRings – AVIOCH . RINGS – Silver – PENDULUMCollar – Lamia Collar [Bloody] – Wicca’s Originals Main StoreTattoo – Ghost – Oxydate

Always Believe in Beauty

“Nothing makes a woman more beautifulthan the belief that she is beautiful”-Sophia Loren…BLACK FAIRLingerie – LIDIA – BigBeautifulDollHeels – Tasha Stiletto Croc – NX-Nardcotix…K9Necklace and Bracelet – Tricia’s bracelet – Kibitz…Equal 10Hair – Dua – Doux…MainstorePhoto Booth and Pose – Dressing Room – Amitie

Call me yours…

CallingMe cute Is nice,CallingMe hot Is great,But calling meYours is all I want……ROMPLingerie – Eris – Violent SeductionGag – Siren Gag – EnvyPose and Set – ‘Vertiline’ Erotic Ottoman – WetCat & LittleFox…Hair – Delicate – TruthBody – LegacyHead = Nova – LelutkaSkin – Dahlia – Glam Affair

Nobody’s angel

…“t’s easy to be an angel when no one ruffles your feathers”…Lingerie / Narcisse – Claudette @ FameshedXTattoo / RedFish – Time @ Fetish FairCollar and Cuffs / Narcisse – QuerenciaHair / Doux – Paula @ Level…Backdrop / Foxcity – Celestial @ uberPose / Amitie – Seductress

Remember Me…

“SometimesYou have to forgetwhat you feeland rememberwhat you deserve”…Lingerie / S&P Belle Lingerie – Day 1 Advent GiftHair / Doux CordeliaNecklace / Supernatural Onyx NecklacePose / Amitie From Paris with Love