Broken Dolls

She was his dollandDolls are meant to be broken Hallow ManorTop – Living Doll Top(Pastry blood) – cakebatterMake up and Face Screws – Living doll set – cakebatterChalk – Chalk on the Street(Halloween Edition)- *FIN*Relive the Fifties

Walking Through Hell

She’s proof that you can walk through helland still be an angel.r.h. Sin…Hallow ManorGown – Wailing Countess Gown – Moon AmoreTongue – Tentacle Tongue Prop UNRIGGED with Poser – [ KUMIHO ].Pose – Summoning – SSP

When she lets you in, it’s not because she needs you.

The most beautiful part toloving a guarded girl is this:when she lets you in, it’s notbecause she needs you. Shestopped needing people along time ago. It’s becauseshe wants you, and that isthe purest love of all.…Hallow ManorCropped Top – Pentagram Cropped Top – AdoreZSunglasses – Crescent Sunglasses – The AnnexRings – Tora Rings – The…

Heart of a Warrior

She has the mindset of a Queenand the heart of a warrior.She is everything all at onceand too much for anyone whodoesn’t deserve her.~r.h. Sin…Hallow ManorSkull Makeup – Skull Mask – UNHOLY(Hunt Prize)Eyes – Devil Eyes – Nuve(Hunt Prize)…NecrotizeCrown – Coraline Crown & Veil – [Aleutia]

Every Breath you Take

Every breath you takeAnd every move you makeEvery bond you breakEvery step you takeI’ll be watching youEvery single dayAnd every word you sayEvery game you playEvery night you stayI’ll be watching youOh, can’t you seeYou belong to me?How my poor heart achesWith every step you take?Every move you makeAnd every vow you breakEvery smile you…

Loss and Possession

Loss andPossession,death and lifeare one, Therefalls no shadowwhere thereshines no sun ~Hilaire Belloc – Fetish FairBodysuit – Matami set – Rokins…Hallow ManorEarrings and Septum Piercing – Achlys – Rainbow SundaeTattoo – Rift Tattoo – Enemy,,,Kinky(Opening 10-28-2021)Blindfold – Cain – .:E.A.Studio:.…uberBoots – ANIKA – UTOPIA@DesignPhoto Booth – Ritual – FOXCITY.Poses – Possessed Bento Pose Set –…

Angels and Demons

~We are all searching for someonewhose demonsplay well with ours~…The Dark Style FairPose – Fallen – [..::CuCa Designs::..]Photo Booth – The Cult – [..::CuCa Designs::..] Hallow ManorRings – AVIOCH . RINGS – Silver – PENDULUMCollar – Lamia Collar [Bloody] – Wicca’s Originals Main StoreTattoo – Ghost – Oxydate

Outside of Comfortable

That’s what you have to do in this life.You have to push the point beyond what you can see.Beyond what makes have to push outsideof what feels comfortable.Because that’s where things get doneand magic begins to happen.Jm Storm…AnaisHallow ManorRngs – Avioch Rings Silver – PendulumTattoo – Lillith – Endless Pain TattooEyes, Love Bites(neck) and…

Take a Risk

If you want it,Go for IT.Take a Risk.Don’t AlwaysPlay it SafeorYou Will DieWondering…Hallow ManorCollar- Diavolo Collar Black – POISON ROUGEEyeShadow – Potion – Voodoo…The Dark Style FairLashes – Lash Parade – ~Shiny Stuffs~Lipstick – Whammy Lipcream. (LeL Evl) HUD ‘PACK001’ – IVES.Blood- Leaky Diva – Blood Lip – LILITHIUMCheek Wound – Wound 2 – Unnie…Main…

Everything I wanted

I had a dreamI got everything I wantedNot what you’d thinkAnd if I’m being honest…It might’ve been a nightmareTo anyone who might careThought I could flySo I stepped off the Golden, mmNobody criedNobody even noticedI saw them standing right thereKinda thought they might care (might care, might care)…And you say, “As long as I’m hereNo…