Lights, Camera, Action

Lights, Camera, and Action,Life is like a Movie, BeingPlayed out Daily, so MakeCertain, You are the Directorand the Star of Your Own LIfe.~Evette L Blount Jackson FameshedDress & Bolero – Jade – S&P(Salt&Pepper)~POSE FAIRPose – Avril 1 – BERAS

It will be alright…

“I find my placeIn between your arms,In between your tender kissesAnd soft whispers of “It will be alright”,In between the warmth of your embrace,and the scent of your neck,and the fierceness of your touch,I find my place lost inside your soul.” ♥~Cynthia Go~Pose – Couples Bento Pose 194(includes bathtub – .:LAVAROCK POSES:. @ Pose Fair


He fucks my insecuritiesuntil they are red, ravaged, and rawMy mind silenced and sated,yet my bodybegging for more.He destroys my demonswith his darknessas he entices themout to play.He wrecks me,in the most beautifullyof brutal ways.~Sarah’s Collection of Scars~KINKY EVENTCorset – Suzy Corset – NANAOFace Wounds and Words – property – moonwaiiTattoo – Zivia – .:Vegas:.Lipstick…

Smart Girls don’t need Limits….

” A wise girl knows her limits,a smart girl knows she has none”~Marilyn Monroe….Pose Fair After DarkPose – Heels Stocking Must Lick – – Lush Poses AccessLingerie – Selene Lingerie – Ricielli…Main StoreHeels – Veronique Safety Pin Sandals – [Gos]Collar – Anya – S&PPhoto Booth – CLUB Black – Foxcity

Make her imagination run wild take 2

“The sexiest thinga man can do tohis woman is crawlinside her mindand make herimagination runwild.”… Vintage FairTattoo – Sin – L U K A…Kinky EventLingerie – Rebecca Lingerie – RicielliBoots – Un je-ne-sais-quoi – AZOURY Pose Fair After DarkPose – Worship – Gravity Poses…Main StorePhoto Booth – Bad Habits (Dark) – FOXCITY.

Make her imagination run wild

“The sexiest thinga man can do tohis woman is crawlinside her mindand make herimagination runwild.”…Pose Fair After DarkPose – Worship – Gravity Poses…Main StorePhoto Booth – Bad Habits (Dark) – FOXCITY.

In the hands of the right man

“In the hands of the right man,a woman is a hundred differentwomen, limited only by imaginationand his willingness to make herfeel safe and lead her.”~Anonymous…Pose Fair After DarkPose – Throes Pose – –RP-(Rebel Poses)…Vintage FairTattoo – Bailey – Endless Pain TattoosNails & Rings – Vintage – RAWR!

Wickedly Beautiful Thoughts…

I thought of you today.Lovely perverted,naughty and,wickedly beautifulthoughts……Pose Fair After DarkPose and Chair – Prelude to Pleasure – SE(Something New~Something Erotic)…Vintage FairLingerie, Boots, and Harness – Glamonatrix – MVDHair – Malena – MVDTattoo – Traditional Tattoo – panDEMONium inkBlush – watercolor bush(red 50%) – .minou minou.Shadow – Sedgwick Eyeshadow – A!Lips – Circus – poemaNails…

Lustful Thoughts…

“I am convinced that different peopleawaken different beasts in you…”…Pose Fair After DarkPose – Sweet Pleasures, couples – :LW: Bento Poses…Kinky EventTattoo – Doll Very Rare – Leven InkCollar – Anastasia Collar – [Aleutia]Belt – Cassie Belt – NaaNaa’s

Safe with me

People think intimacy is about sex.But intimacy is about truth. Whenyou realize that you can tell someone your truth,when you can show yourself to themwhen you stand inn front of themand their response is “you’re safe with me”~that’s intimacy~Taylor Jenkins Reid … Pose – Insatiable Couple Pose – + Mouni Poses + at Pose Fair…