My perfect dayhas nothing to dowith the weatheror what I’m doing.My perfect day iswhenever I’mwith you….♥~.♥.~Shoes – Mignon – LybraPuppy – French Bulldog – Rezz Room

Santa Kisses ♥

This connection we have isn’t going away,it’s only getting stronger.Because the more time I spend with you,the closer I want to be.~Simone Elkeles… Lingerie – Apple Christmas Version – [CONSENT] @ uber~.♥. ~Pose – Impassioned Embrace – [pdb] @ Pose Fair

What If I Never Get Over You

It’s supposed to hurt, it’s a broken heartBut to movin’ on is the hardest partIt comes in waves, the letting goBut the memory fades, everybody knowsEverybody knows…What if I’m tryin’, but then I close my eyesAnd then I’m right back, lost in that last goodbye?And what if time doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do?What…

You’re Still The One…

When I first saw you, I saw loveAnd the first time you touched me, I felt loveAnd after all this timeYou’re still the one I love……Looks like we made itLook how far we’ve come my babyWe mighta took the long wayWe knew we’d get there somedayThey said, “I bet they’ll never make it”But just look…

Forever Mine

HomeWhen he wraps her inthe warmthand safetyof his strong arms,he feels a sighescaping her lipsfrom the depth of her soulas his soft lips whisperagainsther tired skin“You’re Home”..♥..ON ANABikini – Lila – LybraHair – Maddie – Doux…POSEForever Mine – PDB (Poses by Dean Bourne) @ Pose Fair

Blind Love

“Love is not blind.Love sees what is most TRUE”~ Vanna Bonta~.♥. ~POSE FAIRPose – Blind Love – + Mouni Poses +…MAIN STOREPuppy – German Shepard – Rezz Room~.♥. ~On Ana…SIGNATURE EVENTBody – Alice – SignatureShape and Skin – IZA – ND/MDBikini – Elite Bikini – GraffitiwearNails – Cynara – LIVIANecklace – Andrea – VOBE…MAIN STOREHead…

Dancing in the Rain

“Anyone who says sunshine brings happinesshas never danced in the rain ♥….Pose and Umbrella Prop – Summer Rain – Meli-Melo @ Pose Fair♥

♥almost touching♥

The Intimacy of the “almost touch” is oftentimes more powerful than the touch itself.…Frou FrouLingerie – Megan – zkShoes – Megan – zk….LevelHair – Carla – Doux…Pose Fair After DarkPose – Unlocked Passion – [DP]

His words owned her heart

“She had a weakness for his hand onher neck and his words in her heart.Neither of which did she have thethe willpower to refuse.”-JmStorm…Fetish FairLingerie – Yuki Lingerie – RicielliTattoo – Submissive (Black) – CarolGTears, Lipstick and Collar – The Submissive Pack – VELOUR…Pose Fair AfterDarkPose – Restrained 7 – Animosity…MainstoresHair – Brink – StealthicBed…

Don’t Stop

“I would like to say that youmake me weak in the knees,but to be quite upfrontand completely truthfulyou make my body forgetit has knees at all.”-Tyler Knott Gregson…Fetish FairTattoo – Submissive (Black) – CarolG…Pose Fair AfterDarkPose – Don’t Stop – Diversion…MainstoresHair – Sandra – MinaPhoto Booth – Cleanse – Foxcity