Santa Kisses ♥

This connection we have isn’t going away,it’s only getting stronger.Because the more time I spend with you,the closer I want to be.~Simone Elkeles… Lingerie – Apple Christmas Version – [CONSENT] @ uber~.♥. ~Pose – Impassioned Embrace – [pdb] @ Pose Fair

Don’t be pushed by your problems.

“Don’t be pushed by your problems.Be led by your dreams.”~ Ralph Waldo Emerson…ANTHEMLingerie – Tess – [CONSENT]…UBERPose and Props – Clothesline Set – Amitie…MAINSTOREHair – Solstice – Truth


“You do this thing to me that not even poetry can describe,you are the light that shows me the way home,a shelter from the cold,and wherever this wild heart of mine may roam,it will always love you.”— a.r. asher…Lingerie – Roxana – [CONSENT] @ FameshedX…Pose and Chair Prop – Bettie – OsTentation @ Pose Fair…