Until we see someone’sdarkness we don’t reallyknow who they are. Until wehave forgiven someone’sdarkness, we don’t reallyknow what Love is.-Marianne Williamson…UberShorts – Zipp Sorts – Pure Poison…GemsBracelets – UZYUM(LUNA) – ROZOREGLIA…Main StoreHair – Vigil – StealthicChoker – UZYUM(LUNA) – ROZOREGLIAPose and Prop – Whip Me – Amitie


“You do this thing to me that not even poetry can describe,you are the light that shows me the way home,a shelter from the cold,and wherever this wild heart of mine may roam,it will always love you.”— a.r. asher…Lingerie – Roxana – [CONSENT] @ FameshedX…Pose and Chair Prop – Bettie – OsTentation @ Pose Fair…

♥almost touching♥

The Intimacy of the “almost touch” is oftentimes more powerful than the touch itself.…Frou FrouLingerie – Megan – zkShoes – Megan – zk….LevelHair – Carla – Doux…Pose Fair After DarkPose – Unlocked Passion – [DP]

Don’t Stop

“I would like to say that youmake me weak in the knees,but to be quite upfrontand completely truthfulyou make my body forgetit has knees at all.”-Tyler Knott Gregson…Fetish FairTattoo – Submissive (Black) – CarolG…Pose Fair AfterDarkPose – Don’t Stop – Diversion…MainstoresHair – Sandra – MinaPhoto Booth – Cleanse – Foxcity

Call me yours…

CallingMe cute Is nice,CallingMe hot Is great,But calling meYours is all I want……ROMPLingerie – Eris – Violent SeductionGag – Siren Gag – EnvyPose and Set – ‘Vertiline’ Erotic Ottoman – WetCat & LittleFox…Hair – Delicate – TruthBody – LegacyHead = Nova – LelutkaSkin – Dahlia – Glam Affair


A true man does not need to romancea different girl every night,A true man romances the same girlfor the rest of her life.…ROMPLingerie – Voluptuous Lingerie – PulsePose – Gimmie – .Infiniti.Decor – Henley Set – 22769(Couch, Table, Flowers, Candles, Glasses, Champagne and Picture)

Never obey the rules…

If you obey all the rules…You miss all the fun!Katharine Hepburn….Corset and Panties – Lethal Addiction – Moon Elixir x MUSE @ ROMPStockings – Secret Admirer – Moon Elixir x MUSE @ MainstoreGloves – Femme Fatale – Moon Elixir x MUSE @ MainstoreHeels – Glitter Peep Toes – Reign @ MainstoreHair – Marilyn – Doux…

Just take a chance and let me in

I believe, I believe there’s love in youGrid locked on the dusty avenuesInside your heart, just afraid to goI am more, I am more than innocentBut just take a chance and let me inAnd I’ll show you ways that you don’t knowDon’t complicate it,Don’t let the past dictate~”I Know You” ~…Lingerie, Pumps and Stockings –…

Nobody’s angel

…“t’s easy to be an angel when no one ruffles your feathers”…Lingerie / Narcisse – Claudette @ FameshedXTattoo / RedFish – Time @ Fetish FairCollar and Cuffs / Narcisse – QuerenciaHair / Doux – Paula @ Level…Backdrop / Foxcity – Celestial @ uberPose / Amitie – Seductress

I Had a Dream

… I had a dream I got everything I wanted But when I wake up, I see You with me … And you say As long as I’m here No one can hurt you Don’t wanna lie here But you can learn to If I could change the way that you see yourself You wouldn’t…