I try and speak myself

Save Me This dark room, another cigaretteThe carpet strewn, I’m getting sick of itThe end is near, I’m in the thick of itAnd I’ll be there soon if you can handle it…Just save me from all that I amYou save me for the fuck of itSave me, just hold out your handYou save me from…


Quit hanging on to the handrails . . .Let go.Surrender.Go for the ride of your life.Do it every day.~Melody Beattie…PRETTYLingerie – Valorie – Wicca’s OriginalsEyeshadow – Autumn Colors – CAZIMI…MAIN STOREFace Chain – Trust Face Chain – RichBTattoo – Bella – Mister RazzorRings – Chained – YummyNails – Pagan Nails – AscendantHair – Jihyo –…

A rose is a rose for both its flowers and thorns

Yes it is important to be softand kind in the world,but it is important also to knowwhen to draw swords,when to fight tooth and clawfor what you believe in and love,to balance the shadowin your heart with light.…As the rose is a rose for both its flowers and thorns,the complete human soul is bothDevil and…

Touched like never before

“She had beenbound by hiswords. Claimedby his actions.Touched like neverbefore.He had unchainedher mind. Unhingeher body. Fuckedher soul.”The Dark Muse…KINKYBodysuit – Venus – EDPose – Bondage – Amitie….Whore Couture FairNaughty Marks – Rough Scene – Rekt Royalty…Shiny ShabbyTattoo – Lovely Day – Vegas


There are no good girls gone wrongjust bad girls found out.~Mae West…KINKYDress – Naty – -:zk:-Nails – Karen – Ascendant…Whore Couture Fair Porn EditionTattoo – Satans Babe Body Tattoo – LepunkSpanking Marks – Opheliac “Brat” (Set includes matching paddle) – LadybirdProp – Passion Gacha Cuffs #24 – DISH

The Window

Where ever I am I always find myself looking out the windowwishing I was somewhere else– Angelina Jolie…BLACK FAIRCorset and Panties (comes with a rigged whip) – Sixtine – -:zk:-…KINKY EVENTHeels -Mimoko Heels- [BREATHE]…SUMMER CAMPTattoo – The Siren’s Song – Vegas Tattoo…MAINSTORE Pose and Photo booth – Watch Me/Main Attraction – DiversionRings – Chained –…


Until we see someone’sdarkness we don’t reallyknow who they are. Until wehave forgiven someone’sdarkness, we don’t reallyknow what Love is.-Marianne Williamson…UberShorts – Zipp Sorts – Pure Poison…GemsBracelets – UZYUM(LUNA) – ROZOREGLIA…Main StoreHair – Vigil – StealthicChoker – UZYUM(LUNA) – ROZOREGLIAPose and Prop – Whip Me – Amitie


“You do this thing to me that not even poetry can describe,you are the light that shows me the way home,a shelter from the cold,and wherever this wild heart of mine may roam,it will always love you.”— a.r. asher…Lingerie – Roxana – [CONSENT] @ FameshedX…Pose and Chair Prop – Bettie – OsTentation @ Pose Fair…

♥almost touching♥

The Intimacy of the “almost touch” is oftentimes more powerful than the touch itself.…Frou FrouLingerie – Megan – zkShoes – Megan – zk….LevelHair – Carla – Doux…Pose Fair After DarkPose – Unlocked Passion – [DP]

Don’t Stop

“I would like to say that youmake me weak in the knees,but to be quite upfrontand completely truthfulyou make my body forgetit has knees at all.”-Tyler Knott Gregson…Fetish FairTattoo – Submissive (Black) – CarolG…Pose Fair AfterDarkPose – Don’t Stop – Diversion…MainstoresHair – Sandra – MinaPhoto Booth – Cleanse – Foxcity