Forever Mine

HomeWhen he wraps her inthe warmthand safetyof his strong arms,he feels a sighescaping her lipsfrom the depth of her soulas his soft lips whisperagainsther tired skin“You’re Home”..♥..ON ANABikini – Lila – LybraHair – Maddie – Doux…POSEForever Mine – PDB (Poses by Dean Bourne) @ Pose Fair

Mandala Nights

CHEZ MOI @ Cosmopolitan Mandala Bed (Adult) Mandala Rug Banana Plant Vase Mandala Mirror Mandala Candle ~•~ TLC @ Flourish Lazy Dog Bed @ Flourish ~•~ Apple Fall Leather Moccasins ~•~ dust bunny wanderlust . thrown shirt hanging plants . spider planter hanging plants . double planter ~•~ ARIA Verity Decorative Tote Bag ~•~ peaches…