Santa Kisses ♥

This connection we have isn’t going away,it’s only getting stronger.Because the more time I spend with you,the closer I want to be.~Simone Elkeles… Lingerie – Apple Christmas Version – [CONSENT] @ uber~.♥. ~Pose – Impassioned Embrace – [pdb] @ Pose Fair

Rule Number One

Rule Number One:Always stick around for one more drink.That’s when things happen.That’s when you find out everything you wantto know.~John Berendt…Pose FairPose – April – Creative Stylz…Kinky EventChoker and Earrings – Dea – Dazed…AnthemSkirt and Top – Kim Set – [ CONSENT ]…CosmopolitanChampagne Bottle – Holiday Champagne – ChicChica…Equal10Hair -Amaya – Doux

One Last Call

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up.The most certain way to succeed is totry just one more time.~Thomas Edison~…Winter SpiritCoat – Vision Fur Glam – [AB]Stockings and Panty – Shady – [AB]Ring – Snow Globe Ring – MooLooNails – Christmas Presents Stiletto – Venge….Pose FairPose – Contact – Wet CatBackdrop – Text – Wet Cat…C88Hair…

Closed eyes…

You can close your eyes to the things youdo not want to see, butyou can’t close your heart to thethings you do not want to feel.~Jonny Depp~… Pose FairPose – Kris 1 – BEPAS… Fetish FairEye Shade – ARCHELONEYESHADE(Skip a beat) – ROZOREGALIA … Kinky Event Dress – Marilyn Dress – BigBeautifulDoll … Pretty Lipstick…

The First Snow

The first Snowis like the first love.Do you remembereryour first snow?~Lara Biyuts….UberJeans and Sweater – Olive – S & P…Pose FairPose and Snowman – Pose Bento # 231 – [B &W]…Main StoreEar Muffs – Darling Earmuffs – [Atomic]Rings – Christmas Charm Rings – (Yummy)Hair – VIP Forever – TRUTHBoot – BAYLEE BUTTON BOOTS- REIGN

Forever Mine

HomeWhen he wraps her inthe warmthand safetyof his strong arms,he feels a sighescaping her lipsfrom the depth of her soulas his soft lips whisperagainsther tired skin“You’re Home”..♥..ON ANABikini – Lila – LybraHair – Maddie – Doux…POSEForever Mine – PDB (Poses by Dean Bourne) @ Pose Fair

The end of your comfort zone

“You never change your life untilyou step out of your comfort zone;change begins at the end of your comfort zone.”― Roy T. Bennett…POSE FAIRPose – Vogue – Print…SIGNATURE EVENTPant and Top – Jennifer – –:zk:-Nails – AvadaTattoo – Honey –Endless Pain TattoosBody – Alice – Mesh Body – v2.2 – [SIGNATURE]…MAIN STORETea Prop – MATCHA…

Blind Love

“Love is not blind.Love sees what is most TRUE”~ Vanna Bonta~.♥. ~POSE FAIRPose – Blind Love – + Mouni Poses +…MAIN STOREPuppy – German Shepard – Rezz Room~.♥. ~On Ana…SIGNATURE EVENTBody – Alice – SignatureShape and Skin – IZA – ND/MDBikini – Elite Bikini – GraffitiwearNails – Cynara – LIVIANecklace – Andrea – VOBE…MAIN STOREHead…

For all time..

“That’s my girl, he whispered into her mind. I meant what I said about taking your body into my keeping. You’ll always be safe with me. Just let yourself feel, not think. You are with me, and Ill cherish and protect you for all time.”— Christine Feehan —…KINKY EVENTBodysuit – Entangled Embrace – Moon Elixir…

Dancing in the Rain

“Anyone who says sunshine brings happinesshas never danced in the rain ♥….Pose and Umbrella Prop – Summer Rain – Meli-Melo @ Pose Fair♥