Silence is the key…

Saying nothing sometimes says the most.~Emily Dickinson~Kinky EventNecklace, Pearl with Key & Ring – La scabieuse {Silver} – AZOURYLingerie – Abbey Lingerie Bodysuit – Dhoma~FaMeshedHair – Octavia – Sintiklia~ Main StorePose – Fem Bento Pose-5 – .:LAVAROCK POSES:.Stilettos – VANESSA – UTOPIA@Design

Just One More Kiss

Just one kiss.Sometimes that’s allit takes for a heartto lose its balance.and sometime we wantnothing more than thechance to fall.~JmStorm 💋~❤️️~Heels – Shay Mule – NX-NardcotixCardigan, Top, and Panties – TetraHair – Plush – StealthicPose – Couple 3- .::Domizia::.~❤️️~

Regret Nothing

“I’d rather regret the things I’ve donethan regret the things I haven’t done”~ Lucille Ball♥♥Necklace and Bracelet – Bianca – Orsini JewelryRings – FLORE Set Rings Bento – Orsini Jewelry

Stubborn Heart

magic happens whenyou don’t give up,even though youwant to.the universe always falls in love witha stubborn heart.~JmStorm ~Fetish FairCrown and Veil – HARITI*CROWN – ROZOREGALIADress – Alexia Mini Dress – TO.KISKI~Main StoreEarrings – KAGEROU- ROZOREGALIA Hair – Lullaby – TRUTH(VIP GIFT)

I’m not going to apologize

“I’m not going toapologize for my fire;I wasn’t born only to besugar and spice, silenceand servitude.No one gets todecide when I’mtoo much and no onegets to dictate my volume,my passion or my heart.”~C.Ara Campbell♡ღ♡The Itty Bitty Titty Committee EventLingerie – Amelia Lingerie – NX-Nardcotix~Main StoreStilettos – Ida Stiletto – NX-NardcotixPose –Fem Bento Pose-2 – .:LAVAROCK…

Twenty Seconds…

Sometimes all you need isTWENTY SECONDS OFINSANE COURAGE. Justliterally twenty seconds of justembarrassing bravery, and Ipromise you, something greatwill come of it.~Benjamin Mee~ ♥ ~Rings -FLORE Set Rings – Orsini Jewelry (Exclusive at Kinky Event)…Pose – Fem Bento Pose Set-5 – pose 3 – .:LAVAROCK POSES:.

Magic is believing

Magic isbelieving inyourself.If you can dothat, anythingcan happen.⊰♥⊱THE SOLSTICE: THE FELLOWSHIPDress – Tinuviel Gown – [Aleutia]Circlet – Ilmira – OXIDEEyes – Elf Eyes – A R T E…DUBAIHair – Lynn – DOUX…Unicorn – [Rezz Room]

Change the ending…

“You can’t go back and change the beginning,but you can start where you areand change the ending. “~C.S. Lewis…Vintage FairDress & Boots – Boho Style Vintage – Silvery KEye Shadow – Foxy Shadows – Shiny StuffsLips – Mod Pastel HD Lips – Shiny Stuffs…K9Parrot – Parrot Animesh – [Rezz Room]…Main StoreHair – Meadow – TruthRings…

In the hands of the right man

“In the hands of the right man,a woman is a hundred differentwomen, limited only by imaginationand his willingness to make herfeel safe and lead her.”~Anonymous…Pose Fair After DarkPose – Throes Pose – –RP-(Rebel Poses)…Vintage FairTattoo – Bailey – Endless Pain TattoosNails & Rings – Vintage – RAWR!

Understanding her…

if you want tounderstand herthen you have torealize that everything she says isrelevant. but youcannot think aboutit in terms of theway you must think aboutwhy it is significantto her.~JmStorm~…Pose FairPose and Flower Prop – “Love Flower” – Carpe Noctem…Main StoreDress & Hat – Daisy Dreams – Disorderly+MoonAmoreHair – J0225 hair – tram