Make Me Purr…

I don’t want youTo make me roarBut I need you toTo make me purrOnly thenI’ll sit stillAnd obey…~Jess Winter Spirit Lingerie – Meli – WINGEDArm Warmers – Brady – {le fil casse}Eye Shadow – Delphine – poema…CosmopolitanPose – After Glow – LW…Main StoreHair – Kiara – DouxNecklace and Earrings – Tessa Set – KUNGLERS

All I want for Christmas

Christmas is a necessity.There has to be at least one day of the yearto remind us that we’re here for something elsebesides ourselves.~Eric Severeid…Fetish FairPanties and Garters – Decorate – ERSCHPasties – Candy Pasties – DominaNeck Bow – Ho Ho Ho – Toy – [Kres] GachaLipstick – Eclat – .:: SO ::.…Main storePose – Unravel…

Santa Kisses ♥

This connection we have isn’t going away,it’s only getting stronger.Because the more time I spend with you,the closer I want to be.~Simone Elkeles… Lingerie – Apple Christmas Version – [CONSENT] @ uber~.♥. ~Pose – Impassioned Embrace – [pdb] @ Pose Fair

Kindness is like snow

Kindness is like snow –It beautifies everythingit coversKahlil Gibran….Pose – Hey Deer – Luanes World @ The Pose Fair (opens 12-07)…Sweater/Dress – Yui – erraticBoots – tasha – ErraticHair/Hat – Beanie Babe hairstyle [M] RARE – DOUX

Christmas came early this year ♥

Because of you,I laugh a little harder,cry a little less,and smile a lot more.…Pose – Presents – CuCa @ The Pose Fair (opening 12-07)…Ana’s Sweater – Hilly’s Cardigan Set – Cynful @ C88Hair– Sixty Nine – Doux @ LevelNails – Candy Cane – Ascendant @ Santa inc.

What If I Never Get Over You

It’s supposed to hurt, it’s a broken heartBut to movin’ on is the hardest partIt comes in waves, the letting goBut the memory fades, everybody knowsEverybody knows…What if I’m tryin’, but then I close my eyesAnd then I’m right back, lost in that last goodbye?And what if time doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do?What…

Prepare to be scared…

Hallow Manor is coming to the grid October 16th through November 1st. Hallow Manor – 2020Hallow Manor 2020 Participants  Pale Girl Productions is proud to present to you the sponsors and participants for the 2020 Hallow Manor Event.    Sponsors  Varonis  Wicca’s Originals  Insomnia Angel  Fundati  Static  Madame Noir

Forever Mine

HomeWhen he wraps her inthe warmthand safetyof his strong arms,he feels a sighescaping her lipsfrom the depth of her soulas his soft lips whisperagainsther tired skin“You’re Home”..♥..ON ANABikini – Lila – LybraHair – Maddie – Doux…POSEForever Mine – PDB (Poses by Dean Bourne) @ Pose Fair

The end of your comfort zone

“You never change your life untilyou step out of your comfort zone;change begins at the end of your comfort zone.”― Roy T. Bennett…POSE FAIRPose – Vogue – Print…SIGNATURE EVENTPant and Top – Jennifer – –:zk:-Nails – AvadaTattoo – Honey –Endless Pain TattoosBody – Alice – Mesh Body – v2.2 – [SIGNATURE]…MAIN STORETea Prop – MATCHA…

Dancing in the Rain

“Anyone who says sunshine brings happinesshas never danced in the rain ♥….Pose and Umbrella Prop – Summer Rain – Meli-Melo @ Pose Fair♥