Circles like the soul, are never ending

Circles like the soul, are never endingand turn round and round without a stop~Ralph Waldo Emerson…On HudsonHair / Modulus – Jordan HairSuit / . [Deadwool] Hart jacket and Trousers…On AnaHair / DOUX – CordeliaCollar / Cae :: Kindred :: Collar @ FameshedXDress / -:zk:- Sandy Dress @ Fetish fair…Pose / The Owl. Remember The Flame

It wasn’t a Glance

“And when he looked into my eyes, it wasn’t a glance. It was an appraisal. It was a message. It was a song. He was telling me, I’m here, and I’m not going anywhere. And I had never held eye contact that long with anyone before. It was so much better than simply hearing words…