Love is a Battlefield

knight in shinning
armor. His armor is
shiny because he has
never been to war.
instead, look for the
knight with the torn
and tattered armor. He
Is the one who knows
how to fight and is
sure to be the one
who can keep you safe
from harm ♥

Black Fair
Bodysuit, Armbands and Knife – Neith – ED
Helmet – Effervescence – AZOURY
Wounds – Body Wounds V2 +BOM – <lePunk>
Rings – Ragnarok Rings – Badwolf
Bracelet – Love & Hate – RichB
Eye Shadow – Shadow HD Evo LEL Night – .:: SO ::.
Pose – absenteeism –+nya.gore+

Main Store
Boots – Brielle Boots – EQUAL
Photo Booth – Lost City – FOXCITY.

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